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Our daughter has been attending Storybook for nearly two years. We appreciate the care she has consistently received at Storybook. She comes home with new skills, knowledge, crafts, and stories every day.

The gardens, pets, resources, classes and programming, and general play time are special and unique to Storybook, and they enrich our daughter's life immensely. The daily schedule provides variety and stability for young kids, to keep them actively engaged and interested.

We've been especially impressed at the communication skills that are encouraged at Storybook. When she was small, our daughter learned several ASL signs, consistently using the signs for "please," "thank you," "eat," and "milk," among several others. This helped her communicate and get less frustrated as she learned to express her ideas. Now, she has excellent verbal skills for her age and she tells us about the adventures she's had at school and likes to talk about the other kids.

Our daughter is comfortable with the teachers and other kids. We feel like the teachers take an interest in and care about our daughter, and all the other kids, too. We consider ourselves extremely lucky to have found Storybook.

-Amanda Anderson

My Son Aidan has been going to Storybook since he was 2 years old, originally he was in a larger daycare and I decided I wanted something smaller for him. We were so lucky to find Storybook! It is the perfect size and he absolutely loves going. Aidan learns so much every day he is there. It's more then just a daycare and preschool, it is a family. The teachers know everything about him and about our family and genuinely care. He has learned how to count, how to sing his ABC's, manners, and much more! I love how they are so creative and every day is different yet there is a routine he is used to. Lately he has been taking Spanish and Japanese classes, he knows the days he has these special classes and always tells me to hurry up in the mornings so he won't be late. Next year my son will be going to Kindergarten and I feel so confident he will be ready because of his experience at Storybook. We LOVE it and so will your child!

Lindsey Clark

Both of my children attended Storybook Preschool from the time they were infants up until they entered Kindergarten. Here, they learned to socialize with other kids, they were able to have necessary playtime both indoors and outdoors, and they got to experience structured learning to prepare them for school. Maren is dedicated to running a high quality pre-school, and both of my kids loved her right away along with the other great teachers. We feel extremely lucky to have found this preschool for our children and would recommend it to anyone searching.

Corinne Garcia

 This is my daughter's first daycare/preschool experience so naturally, she was scared for me to leave her in the beginning. Maren did such a wonderful job making my daughter AND myself feel comfortable. Her and her staff are pros! I can't get my daughter out of the car fast enough when I pull into the driveway now!! It's so cute when the whole class greets her when she walks in. I get daily updates from her teachers and she is thriving. She is constantly learning new things and is so happy here. I really feel like we won the preschool lotto!

-Gaby Loeza

 My son loves going to school at storybook. He always comes home with cute projects and talks about the fun things he did that day. He loves his teachers and has made a bunch of friends. Thank you for taking such good care of my little boy.

There just simply ISN'T another place for my children. Maren and the team of teachers at Storybook are amazing. They love these kids and it shows. My boys have not only been well cared for but they have learned so much it is astonishing. I never imagined my 3 year old teaching me about the solar system! Both my boys and I have made life long friends at Storybook.

Rachel Chapo

My daughter Josephine, attended Storybook from age 1 until 5. She was consistently nurtured and loved by a dedicated, professional staff. Storybook was a hugely positive early childhood experience for her, and made our lives as working parents secure and worry-free.

Mari Dominguez

My grandchildren have thrived at Storybook! So grateful they have such a sweet, fun, kind-hearted preschool where they can play and learn.

-Shelly Worob

I can't say enough good things about Storybook. The caretakers are incredible and my son has learned so much, both academically and socially. The younger kids learn from the older kids and the older kids learn how to be gentle and patient with the little ones--it really is like a family. ♥

-Carmen Stark

 It's been almost six years since I first handed you my baby and today is her last day of Preschool. In these six years, she's been loved, well fed, and taught beyond her years. "Everybody's" is as much a home to her as our actual house.

Thanks to you all, we have a healthy, outgoing daughter who makes friends, uses good manners, trusts her caregivers, and delights us daily by showing us new sign language or singing Head Shoulders Knees and Toes in Japanese.

The end of an era is always bittersweet. Thanks for giving her the foundation to succeed.

Much love, always.

Sadie Cassavaugh

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