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Story Book Early Learning Center is a registered group childcare facility in Bozeman, Montana. We provide a home-like environment, and a small group of 12 full day children, and an additional 4 morning program children, for a loving, comforting and close knit atmosphere for your child.  There are always 2-3 childcare providers on staff to provide your child with more one-on-one time and extra attention.

Storybook has a Toddler First Steps class and Preschool Building Blocks class which is cognitive based, where young children learn through active exploration in an environment which is rich in materials and opportunities to converse, socialize, work, play and negotiate with others. The classrooms are planned to encourage curiosity, exploration and problem solving.


Our learning environments include:

• Blocks of various sizes and materials

• Materials and time for dramatic, imaginative play

• Manipulative and table toys

• Art materials and tools to explore

• Sensory play materials, including sand and water

• A library area

• Music and movement activities

• Cooking experiences

• Computer exploration

• Outdoor and gross motor play

• A quiet area for the child who needs to be alone

• Ample and rich language and print

• Writing tools and materials


Teachers plan experiences based on children’s interests and appropriate educational concepts. Children are actively involved in daily lessons which include foundations of math, science, social studies, creative art, language arts, music, movement and dramatic play. All interrelated aspects of the child’s growth and development are considered — intellectual, social, emotional, physical and creative.


Activities, experiences and teacher-child interactions are constantly being measured and evaluated in terms of the following programs goals:

1. Development of a positive self-concept

2. Respect for the individuality and rights of others

3. Positive ways of interacting with peers and adults

4. Acceptance and expression of both positive and negative feelings

5. Growth of independence and self-sufficiency

6. Growth of creative thinking and problem solving

7. Cognitive growth and development

8. Emergent literacy development

9. Small and large muscle development

There are also daily specialized lessons which include:

 Monday: Motion Athletics
 Tuesday: Creative Movement
 Wednesday: Kindermusik 
 Thursday: Dance Class
 Friday: Music Lessons

 Children gain knowledge by building on a path of ever increasing knowledge!

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